Alexander Von Hagen-Jamar

Most of my current research agenda falls within one of two research programs. The first examines how the international security environment​​​​​​​​​​ and domestic institutions interact to shape the policies and development of the states. That program includes papers on military spending, based on my dissertation research at University of Michigan, as well as coauthored work on the fiscal development of states and internal security policies of the state. 

My second research program examines how elites affect and are affected by foreign policy. The program builds on data on the personal and professional backgrounds of foreign ministers, across 200+ years and 13 countries, collected with colleagues at STANCE, Professor Jan Teorell and Professor Hanna Bäck. Together we are working on a book manuscript titled Advisors, Bureaucrats, and Diplomats: Who Foreign Ministers Are and How They Shape the World. I am also authoring and coauthoring several papers on foreign ministers and foreign policy.  

Selected publications, working papers, and works in progress are listed below.


" Fear and Attitudes Towards Torture and Preventive War." Twin Research and Human Genetics, Volume 15, Number 1, 2012. with Allan C. Stam and Alton BH Worthington. 

" Why State Constitutions Different in Their Treatment of Same-Sex Marriage ." Journal of Politics. 72 (04). 2010. with Yanna Krupnikov, Adam Levine, Arthur Lupia, and Spencer Piston

Book Chapter

“When Does War Make States? War, Rivalries, and Fiscal Extraction in the 19th and 20th Centuries.” with Agustín Goenaga. in the volume De-Centering State-Making: Historical and Geographical Perspectives.

Under Review

“War, Performance, and the Survival of Foreign Ministers.” with Hanna Bäck, Jan Teorell, and Alejandro Quiroz Flores

Revise & Resubmit with The Journal of Politics

“Political Institutions and Peacetime Military Spending.”
Revise & Resubmit with The Journal of Peace Research

“The International Origins of Fiscal States: A Political Economy of Geopolitical Threat, Institutions, and Taxation.” with Agustín Goenaga.

In Progress 

Book Manuscript
Do Foreign Ministers Matter? with Hanna Bäck and Jan Teorell
         This book shows that who is foreign minister matters for both domestic and international politics. Building on recent advances in the study of leader characteristics, we examine how the personal and professional background of foreign ministers affects their selection, tenure, performance in a crisis, and role in diplomatic recognition. To do, we use an original dataset on the background of foreign ministers across 13 countries, over more than 200 years. Foreign ministers occupy a unique role, acting as the chief diplomat, foreign policy advisor, and administrator in foreign affairs. We find that by considering these roles, and the way experience affects a foreign minister’s ability to perform in those roles, we can make statements about the importance of foreign minister background over time and space, complementing contextual and qualitative work on elites, advisors, cabinets, and foreign policy-making.
         Draft chapters are available on foreign minister selection, tenure, crisis behavior, and role in diplomatic recognition.


​“The Effect of Alliances on Domestic Repression” with Michelle Allendoerfer 

“Preparing for War: Democratic Threat Responsiveness and Military Spending in the Long 19th Century”

A version of this paper has been published as part of the STANCE working paper series, and can be found here.

“Solving the Decider’s Dilemma: Scapegoats, Foreign Affairs, and Interstate War” with Alejandro Quiroz Flores, Hanna Bäck, and Jan Teorell.

​A version of this paper has been published as part of the STANCE working paper series, and can be found here.