Alexander Von Hagen-Jamar


My primary research agenda focuses on explaining variation in how and when governments pursue and provide security, especially through arms and alliances. I also write about state building and capacity, and foreign ministers and diplomacy. Selected working papers are listed below.  My CV can be found here 


" Fear and Attitudes Towards Torture and Preventive War." Twin Research and Human Genetics, Volume 15, Number 1, 2012. Coauthored with Allan C. Stam and Alton BH Worthington. 

Why State Constitutions Different in Their Treatment of Same-Sex Marriage ." Journal of Politics. 72 (04). 2010. Coauthored with Yanna Krupnikov, Adam Levine, Arthur Lupia, and Spencer Piston

Working Papers

"Threat Environment and Alliance Formation." Coauthored with Paul Poast and James D. Morrow.

Revise and Resubmit with Journal of Peace Research

“Political Institutions and Arming: Military Spending in Democracies and Autocracies”  

"War, Performance, and the Tenure of Foreign Ministers" with Jan Teorell and Hanna Bäck

under review

“Rivalries, Alliances, and Taxation.”  with Agustín Goenaga.

"Alliances and Repression" with Michelle Allendoerfer  

“Escalation and Resolution: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Foreign Ministers in International Disputes” with Hanna Bäck

“Military Spending and Political Institutions in the 19th Century: Causes and Trends”

“Solving the Decider’s Dilemma: Scapegoats, Foreign Affairs, and Interstate War” with Alejandro Quiroz Flores, Hanna Bäck, and Jan Teorell